Light Pink/Blue Ice-dyed Rayon Spiral Scarf
Light Pink/Blue Ice-dyed Rayon Spiral Scarf
Art by Melrose

Light Pink/Blue Ice-dyed Rayon Spiral Scarf

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One-of-a-kind tie-dyed scarf made of light Bali Rayon by Dharma Trading Co.

Put it on your body and it spirals & waterfalls all on its own. Wear it in a ton of different ways- the only limit is your imagination! Great for dancers, too. Rolled and stitched hem edges. Wafts in the breeze! This scarf/shawl is 8 feet long after shrinkage and is 17” wide at its widest point.

Tie-dyed and dyed by yours truly!

*It is best to hand wash this scarf, or if you do put it in a machine, make sure to place in a laundry zipper bag. Rayon is fragile when wet, and due to the long length of this scarf, it could get twisted up in the machine and potentially rip when wet. Handle with the care this beauty deserves! 

**Multiple scarves created in this design/color, however, they were all tied & dyed individually by hand, so there may be slight variance from the photo.

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